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Bobby Wine’s followers swim through a swamp to attend his rally


Ugandan musician and politician fan’s cross a swamp to attend his rally

Yesterday, Ugandan police officers were put one over on by National Unity Platform party supporters. Bobi Wine supporters chose to swim through a swamp just to attend his political rally.
On Monday, November 16, Bobby Wine organized his political rally to take place in Mayuge District. But unfortunately, police officers closed up the main road to the venue. Due to this, local supporters who strongly believe in Wine’s aspirations were forced to swim through a swamp to attend to the function.

Scene like a movie

Like a movie-scene, armed police officers could be seen positioned deliberately on the road-block. They were set to battle with anyone who dared come close to the road-blocks. On the other hand, Wine followers were captured sailing across the soupy fields to the location.

As the officers waited nervously for the impending war to unfold, they were shocked to discover later that the political supporters had already made it across the swamp to the site.

Bobby Wine teargassed

The district of Mayuge is renowned for its sugar cane production. But, locals have long condemned the presence of gangs that have enriched themselves at the detriment of farmers. Wine that is seen as a symbol of hope, particularly among young people, made a grand entrance in Mayuge notwithstanding the opposition of law enforcement officers.

He addressed a reasonably large crowd. He vowed to fix the problems facing sugarcane producers and young people if elected the country’s next head of state.

Prior to the Mayegu protest, his vehicle had been teargassed by law enforcement officers who were attempting to disrupt his followers who were marching to his campaign site in Mbale.

The young leader has been exposed to a great deal of bullying by intelligence officers in Uganda and has been detained many times.

Bobby Wine Being Harrassed and Arrested

A local source has consistently pointed out that Wine has been snagged for reportedly causing a disruption. The new event occurred on 3 November, when the leader was detained moments after filing his certificate of candidacy.
He was brutally seized outside the appointment place, brutalized by the officers, and prohibited from unveiling his manifesto, as per his tweet.
Wine’s party spokesperson, Joel Senyonyi, said he was pulled out of his car by armed security agents. Then he was bundled into a patrol car in the midst of tussles between law enforcement agents and his followers.

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