Diana Marua Notices Something Odd about Bahati’s Brothers look after visiting his relatives ahead of their wedding preparation

Gospel singer Bahati has now made it loud and clear to the entire world that her girlfriend Diana is the woman she is settling with. Bahati is planning to wed Diana come 2022 before we go for general elections.

This information, they shared during their interview at Milele FM. They stated that 2020 was supposed to be their year to hit the aisle, but due to a variety of factors, the date will have to be moved ahead. Anyway, Bahati isn’t going to let go of his Queen whom he’s so lucky to have.

The Wanani hitmaker agreed to take Ms. Marua to his ancient homeland to officiate the ceremony. Officially welcoming her to his immediate family, and mapping the way ahead. According to Bahati, the time has come for him to take his lovely family, to see his relatives. https://www.vdjjones.co.ke/blog/are-diamond-and-zari-back-together/


Bahati trusts that it’s something that his birth mother would be very proud of, as she observes from Heaven. Bahati officially invites his haters and trolls to his wedding come 2022. He said,”Twende Nyumbani Tukamuone Aunty… Nawenye Wivu Tuwaite Harusini. Kama Uhai angepewa Mummy, angefurahi Kukuona Hunny. ❤️Wedding Loading. ……. %.”

There is, though, something that stands out for her, after discovering something odd concerning her boyfriend. Apparently, Bahati has two elder brothers, namely Eric and Sammie Kioko. But unlike Bahati, the brothers appear to have a lighter skin tone. This has disturbed Diana and she had to ask the singer what went wrong. The question he has yet to answer, but one that saw fans break out in laughter, with all kinds of reasons why he’s the darker one.

Diana lost her mom while at the beginning of the 20s, and Bahati’s mom passed away while he was 7 years old, all of whom were brought up by their dads and relatives.







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