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Are Diamond and Zari Back Together!


Diamond and Zari spending some good time with their Kids

Chibu and his kids spending some quality time
Since Zari arrived in Tanzania, she has been interacting with Diamond Platinumz pretty well. Diamond and Zari went to tour around Tanzania during their leisure time. This included going to watch football with their kids.
They turned up at the stadium dressing in the same clothing, each walking along with one of their twins. People had already begun to speculate that the old enemies had actually gotten back together.
Diamond and Zari and the kids rocking matching outfits
After a long period of fighting between Zari and the Jeje hitmaker, finally, peace and unity has been re-established in the Dangote Chibu household.
They’ve barely met eye to eye since their breakup in 2018, but now they’re peacefully co-parenting. Zari, who brought her children to Tanzania, followed her baby dad on his way across the country. She also wore the same outfits as the superstar.
Zari enjoyed much more-needed family time with the Bongo superstar she affectionately referred to as Baba T. Both of them kept on to one of their children and became a sensation at the ’s main stadium as they watched a soccer match laughing and telling stories.
The single mom had been hating the rock legend for two years and accusing him of being an absent parent.
The bitter baby mom said it was unethical to support strangers. And on the other hand, he didn’t even know how his children surviving.
Diamond and his kids
Zari also mentioned that Diamond had never given money to their children’s health care, and that was a pity. They worked out their problems and stopped fighting each other via social media.
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