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Another Ohangla Mix by VDJ Jones is now out and available


VDJ Jones has today released a brand new Luo Ohangla mix dubbed the very Best of Elisha Toto who is currently riding high with the hottest Ohangla tunes

Elisha Toto is the new Luo Ohangla Sensation. He has done massive hits which are currently doing so well in the Luo industry. His latest tracks dubbed Corona and Nyar Mwalimu have taken the industry by storm.

Wasafi Bongo Volume 8 Mix by VDJ Jones is now out

The Luo of Kenya and Tanzania are a Nilotic ethnic group native to western Kenya and the Mara Region of northern Tanzania in East Africa. The Luo are the 4th largest ethnic group in Kenya, after the Kikuyu, the Luhya and the Kalenjin.


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