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After Being Taken to Heaven by God, a Kenyan Lawyer Claims the World is to End in Six Years Time


Charles Mwangi claims he was in Heaven with God

A Kenyan advocate has spectacularly reported that the universe would end soon. He claims that in six years since God supposedly took him to heaven the world would end.

The educated man, Charles believes that the coronavirus outbreak is a sign of the end of the world.  This is because it has destroyed the earth, poisoned, and killing millions of people.


Taken to heaven

Speaking to Standard Digital, Mwangi said that he was taken to heaven by God. He was in Class Five and that he was among the eyewitnesses of the Creator of the universe.
“I was taken to heaven by God when I was in Class Five. Jesus told me that I will be one of the two witnesses of the revelation. When I was in the second year in university studying law, the Lord called me. He told me there were some things he wanted to teach me,” Mwangi professed adding: “He dropped me from heaven and the next day, I found myself in bed. When I told my friends they all thought I was insane,” he said.

Mwangi taken to Mathare Hospital

Mwangi denied arguments that he was insane. This was after being exposed to electrical shocks to erase “voices,” at Mathare Mental Institution.
“I stayed out of the university for six years after the ordeal and the Lord returned me and told me I will be one of the two witnesses of the revelation. The Bible says these two witnesses will come from Kenya. Isaiah 18…these witnesses will prophesy before Jesus returns and for a certain period after which they will be killed by 666 in Israel,” Mwangi narrated.
The advocate confirmed he went to Israel in December 2019 to train for his task, and that he was well welcomed by Jewish people and Palestinian people. He said that COVID-19 was the first indication that the universe is coming to an end, citing Revelation 6 vs 2.
“The Bible states that by the time coronavirus arrives, the earth will have seven years before Jesus comes. You will have this in Revelation 11 vs. 3 of the two witnesses who prophesy for three and a half years, and then 666 will rule the world for another 42 months,” Mwangi added.
It wasn’t the first time that Mwangi had made such an argument. The Nairobi-based lawyer, more than 10 years ago, along with another ‘death-time prophet,’ Rahab Wanjiku Mwangi, claimed that God had announced to them that the world was ending in 2010, but that did not happen.
The middle-aged man lowered his suits and put on tattered rags. The rags are written ‘Prime Minister of God’ on the front. On the back, he has written ‘Waziri Mkuu Wa Mungu.’

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