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“Dance Ikibamba”by Vdj Jones ,Padi Wubonn, Bruce Newton and Pitah scarlet pulled down from Youtube

Celebrated Vdj Jones has had a major set back after his latest jam “Dance Ikimbamba”  was pulled down from YouTube.

In the song, he featured comedian Padi Wabuonn, Bruce Newton, and Pitah Scarlet.

According to Jones this is the work of a hater who did not approve of their music but he assured his fans that the song will be back up soon.

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…Press Briefing… It is so unfortunate that one Kenyan "Labat Jimmy" Decided to snitch by claiming the Track DANCE IKIBAMBA. The song is no longer available on YouTube and hope to sort this soon. Some people are just enemies of success😁😁😁 The fucker created a fake account did his shit then disappeared. @padiwubonn @bruznewton @pitah_scarlet @mavo_onthe_beat #GenjeNiMbaya

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By press time, the jam had attracted a massive following with a number of fans having a dance challenge dubbed #danceikibamba.

On the other hand VDJ Jones has been working on bringing onboard new talents whenever he can.

The challenge has been fast gaining traction from fans in all forms of media.

Before “Dance Ikibamba” VDJ Jones was riding high with his tack “ko Bie” that is still has a massive following by fans who can’t gent enough of this music.

Check them out and be sure to have fun especially in this quarantine period.

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